vrijdag 7 november 2014

Not her day

Yesterday I was waiting for the train, sitting on a bench on the platform, reading a news paper. Suddenly a female voice sounded: "Don't you think that God is the most important there is, Sir? That we should think a lot about Him?" I looked up and saw a slim bespectacled woman, dressed somewhat old fashioned in dark colours, with slightly worn out shoes. I was not into a religious discussion with her at that moment. Not knowing how to get around it I restored to straight reality: "I have a consultation with some Muslims tonight". Her voice turned a degree brighter: "Oh, you are also an evengalist, eh, doing evangalistic work?"

Unexpectedly, she than walked to some nearby young males and started a conversation. After a few minutes one of them discovered that he had missed the train.

It was not her day.

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